Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Biggest American Double Standard...

Imagine you have a 14 year old daughter and you find out that her 23 year old reading teacher has had sex with her in the classroom, his bedroom and the back of his SUV. Then imagine that he gets out on $25,000 bail (which could have meant only $250 to a bail bondsman). The country would be up in arms--even if the teacher claimed the sex was consensual. We would all say that a 14 year old is incapable of consenting to an adult --that his position of power could have influenced the decision (fear of retribution for non-compliance)...and all this would be true and the outrage justified.

But for some reason when men find out that the accused molester looks like THIS and that it was a boy that consented, all that logic and common sense goes right out the window. They are proud that their boy was able to 'get some of that'. All of a sudden there is empathy in place of disgust. If this had been a 14 year old girl, I doubt there would be a documentary about it, or that he would have groups of "supporters". I doubt that a lawyer could argue that the pedophile wasn't taking the prosecution's deal because it entailed too much jail time and the man was just too handsome to go to jail. Yes, you heard that right, her lawyer says that she is "too pretty" to go to jail. That she would be "raw meat". Good. She should have thought about that before she had sex with a child. I know all of you men want to high five the kid -but he probably hasn't even gone through puberty yet. (source)

From Mary Kay to Lafave...this is a glaring double standard in this country. I will be very interested to see what sentence she will receive (especially in comparison to what men that have committed the same crime have gotten). Female predators seem to be on the rise...so this is a discussion that Americans need to have. What would reaction from men have been if Debra Lafave had looked like Andrea Dworkin?

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