Monday, July 25, 2005

Are Americans Turning on Tony Blair?

...That's what London paper The Telegraph says. The article references certain OpEds in The Weekly Standard. (It goes on to call The Weekly Standard a publication with 'close ties to the Bush Administration'. I wonder if they know that TWS was started in 1995...)

Have Blair's liberal policies on Muslim immigration/Cleric free-reign put those in the UK at risk? I have heard reports that the UK has let people in their country that Pakistan thought were too radical! For those chanting the mantra about Blair's Iraq cooperation causing the attacks --please don't make me recite the LONG list of Islamofascist attacks that occurred before Iraq or Afghanistan.

I am not turning on Blair. His political position has been precarious. He has worked hard to balance his convictions against public outcry. I think his job will be made easier now that terrorism has become tangible across the pond. The Guardian reports that even though many Britons equate Blair's war policy and the recent attacks --his approval ratings are higher than they have been in a long time.

"Ministers have rehearsed the defense that al-Qaeda and its murderous affiliates have been active and deadly long before the invasion of Iraq. That is true. The Twin Towers were first attacked when George W Bush was a little known governor of Texas who had never heard of a novice Shadow Home Secretary called Tony Blair. The terrorists who have just massacred holidaymakers in Egypt did not bother to discriminate between citizens of countries which supported or opposed the war. You can't say that there would never have been bombings in London were it not for the war in Iraq. Nor can you say that we would become instantly safe by withdrawing British troops. That would only guarantee that Iraq's fledgling democracy will be exposed to even more murderous attacks by killers so vile they use suicide bombers against children asking for sweets. (source)

My prediction: This is the beginning of many attacks. Europe’s open-immigration policies and tolerance of hate-speak, Canada's denial of a border problem and America's visas-on-demand all but guarantee it.

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