Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Another Literary MeMe...

...and tagged by The (sleeping on the couch) Man again!!!!

Number of books I own:

There is no way I can answer this question. The pictures above and below are just the books in my kitchen...and they reside in every room of the house and in tons of boxes in the basement. Hundreds...maybe thousands...millions...well, maybe not millions....

Last book I bought:

We went to Barnes & Noble yesterday. I bought:
Generation Kill (recommendation from Free0352)
The Secret Life of Bees (recommendation from my vet, who I ran into there)
Edgar Allen Poe Tale's for Children
Two Ninja Turtle picture books
-and - another friggin' Goosebumps book (Monster Blood II)

Last book I read:

Osama's Revenge

Five books that mean a lot to me:

Wuthering Heights (subject of my senior thesis)
Frog and Toad series (because they were my favorite books as a child and they are Mason's also)
Little Women (because it's one of the few hardbacks that I still have from when I was little)
Justice's Baby Book
Mason's Baby Book (because I am a perfectionist and their books are off the hook -complete with pregnancy tests and umbilical cords)

Five victims:

JustRose because she spends more on books than I do on purses...
MSG Keith because he needs a MeMe to christen his new blog...
My favorite Pastor because he has thus far escaped being tagged...
Zoom because I am interested to see what he's into...
Barb because I don't think I have tagged her yet either...

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