Thursday, July 28, 2005

ACLU -Another Glaring Discrepancy...

While looking through the ACLU's website I found This Story:

"The American Civil Liberties Union of Utah today applauded the state tax commission’s ruling that it will, for the first time, approve personalized license plates with gay-positive messages. The decision, which the ACLU called a win for free speech, comes after the organization appealed an earlier denial of three such plates."

Now, they call this a win for free speech, but wasn't it the ACLU that fought against States having license plates that had pro-life messages? Here we go again with the selective free speech...

Look at these headlines -Both from the ACLU's website:

Tennessee Court Blocks Anti-Choice [PRO-LIFE] License Plate; ACLU and Planned Parenthood Say Decision Protects Free Speech

ACLU Persuades Utah to Approve Personalized License Plates with Gay-Positive Messages -"A Win For Free Speech"

So, to BLOCK one is free speech and to approve one is free speech. Nothing like having it both ways...

Have you checked out the Stop the ACLU website? There is tons of information, petitions and you can join the Stop the ACLU blogburst.

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