Wednesday, June 22, 2005

WTC Memorial Update

The 9/11 victim's families that set up the website TAKE BACK THE MEMORIAL (Have you signed their petition?) are doing us all proud by refusing to back down to the plans for an "International Freedom Center" at Ground Zero.

"Holding photographs of their loved ones, more than 200 friends and relatives of World Trade Center victims gathered yesterday near Ground Zero to decry what they call an "anti-America" project being planned for the site.
...critics contend it would give short shrift to the 9/11 victims while focusing on injustices, ranging from the U.S. civil rights movement to the Holocaust, to the signing of the Magna Carta.
Pointing to a large rendering of the Twin Towers, Staten Islander William Doyle, whose son, Joseph, died in the attacks, said, "This is what the 9/11 memorial should be all about."

"The memorial shouldn't be about politics; it should be about the victims and their families," Doyle said. "What they want to do would be a complete atrocity, because it would turn this place into a magnet for protesters instead of a place where families can come to remember their losses." " (source)

Gov. George Pataki is supporting IFC's plans for the Center. The victim's families argue (rightfully) that Ground Zero is "sacred ground" and that the proposed plans would "desecrate" the memory of all that were murdered on September 11, 2001. Critics of the proposal also contend that these plans will distract from the tribute to the victims and will be a magnet for geopolitical debate.
There was a press conference in which an IFC spokesperson claimed that the "demonstrators don't know the full story" and that the Center (set to open in 2009) will "deal with the International impact of 9/11". Victim's families were barred from that press conference.

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