Sunday, June 12, 2005

When Philly Bloggers Meet...

I just wanted to say heart-felt THANK YOU to Pax Romano and "What'sHisName" for a WONDERFUL and luxuriously phantasmagoric day wandering around the various watering holes and eating establishments of the Gayborhood in Center City, Philadelphia. Pax is truly one of the good guys, and my faith in the blogosphere is being restored one awesome person at a time... And, as promised, he was easy to spot in the crowd! LOL

Pax has blogged on the day and I just love his descriptions of Justrose and I...

"...Justrose, is such a sweet and soft-spoken lady; as compassionate as she is, “sassy”, she is the kind of person, one feels they could spend endless hours with discussing everything from the state of blogging to the forbidden joys of pumpkin bread, to the great poets. I think I’m in love.

As for Ala; what can I say? As subtle as a freight train, and as charismatic as they come, Ala kept me in stitches with her entertaining stories and her informed view on world affairs (I just know that there is a left wing liberal in her just trying to break free – well, maybe)...
" (-Pax)

JR has also blogged about it and, as usual, expressed beautifully what I could not find the words to say.
Some of the stops in our day:
Dirty Franks, The Westbury, The Last Drop

What a GREAT day...who knew that SEVEN hours could fly by so quickly. How many times did we feed that damn meter? :)
I have to add this great quote by *MagnoliaThunderpussy* that was in JR's comments:
"In Boston, they ask you what you know, in New York, how much money do you have but in Philadelphia they ask - Who is your family! Just love it, a magical place!"

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