Monday, June 13, 2005

Time Capsule Challenge & Quiz

"I walk along the city streets you used to walk along with me
And every step I take reminds me of just how we used to be
Well, how can I forget you, girl?
When there is always something there to remind me
Always something there to remind me"
-Naked Eyes, "Always Something There to Remind Me"

Great pics sent in by AFSis, but we want to see the date! LOL

What Songs?
"We don't follow fashion
That would be a joke
You know we're going to set them set them
So everyone can take note take note"

"She'll expose you, when she snows you
Off your feet with the crumbs she throws you
She's ferocious and she knows just
What it takes to make a pro blush
All the boys think she's a spy..."

"You're so good, when we make love it's understood
It's more than a touch or a word can say
Only in dreams could it be this way
When you love someone, yeah, really love someone"

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