Monday, June 27, 2005

Thought #2

Though I am sick-to-death of Aruba TV (aka CNN, FNC, MSNBC), some valuable insight has come from the ad nauseum coverage of the missing teen from Alabama... (Don't get me wrong, I feel sympathy for the parents, but the coverage is about nothing as there has not been any new leads that we know of in almost 27 days).

Aruban law -which mirrors Dutch law --which for the most part mirrors European law...sounds a hellava lot like GITMO law! They can pretty much pick up anyone with a perceived connection to the case. They don't have to tell anyone what the charges OR the evidence (if any) is. They do have lawyers, but that seems to be a formality as 'suspects' acn be held indefinitely if the presiding judge sees fit. And all week various speakers from The Netherlands and European experts in International Law have been defending this system on every station you flip on.

Much unlike American law --the VICTIM gets the weight of the resources instead of the possible CRIMINALS. I am fine with this system. And it would seem from the Natalee Holloway coverage that European law experts are quite content with this system also. And I bet that Urine Vanderslooth (or whatever his name is) isn't getting orange glazed chicken with four side dishes and a Bible hammock. Hearing so much about this legal system just verified to me that the bitching about Gitmo is not sincere, but just another chance to take a shot at this Administration.

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