Monday, June 27, 2005

Thought #1

I know that it is sacrilege for a conservative to say what I am about to say... but, I don't get all hung up about Amending the Constitution. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it should be done on a whim or anything, but I don't view it as a 'sacred document' that 'transcends time'. The 'Founding Fathers' were just human men who (as my mom would say) put on their pants one leg at a time too. If they were able to be resurrected for a day, they would most likely die of shock immediately. There is no way they could have even fathomed a slice of what the Country and the World has become. For instance, don't you think that they would be kicking themselves thinking that their document was being used to support the right to burn the flag --the same flag that they faced 4,000 various possible deaths to create? We are trying to give Iraq a one year deadline to write their Constitution... Rushing a Constitution?
The Constitution is fallible. No women helped to craft Blacks got to suggest a line or two... Everyone's disclaimer for all the rules found in the Bible is, "It was written so long ago...that doesn't apply now". The Catholic Church has 'updated' their beliefs (and for those that believe The Bible is divinely inspired that means you are changing God's word)) --yet we seem to revere the Constitution more -and we know that was written by men.
I know...I will be getting 100 emails telling me to hand in my GOP card... But at least Iraq's new Constitution will be representative of all factions and both genders of their population.

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