Saturday, June 25, 2005

Things You Shouldn't Miss...

For all you ‘foodies’ out there--Carnival of the Recipes #45 is up and running at Note-It Posts and Dana has done a great job. Things that caught my eye you ask? Hot Italian Sausage and Tomato Pasta (especially since our host pointed out that the recipe calls for "4 hot Italian sausages" LOL), Chocolate and Guinness Brownies (They are posted by ArmyWife -who always submits good stuff -in honor of Blackfive), and Cookies Without A Name (Sorry, those with peanut allergies beware). So go check it out!

I have a secret obsession and Uncommonly Sensible has unwittingly fed the addiction with this post on anti-Christ predictions... Don't ask why I like reading these --I already know who the anti-Christ is...The Man's Best Friend...or maybe Dr. George Tiller...

For those who haven't heard, deployed Milblogger Chuck ("From My Position...On the Way") was injured by an IED and flown to Germany. His wife has been posting in his stead and she has an update on his condition posted. While your there, drop a line to let her know their family is supported! Mrs. Greyhawk from Mudville Gazette went and visited him in Landstuhl's ICU and you have to read the post! Wow. Chuck and CPT Jason Spencer (Chuck's XO who saved him from drowning in a canal because of his injuries and the weight of the kevlar) are both unbelievable. THIS is the heart and soul of our military...not what the MSM is trying to pander! Chuck is now back in the U.S. at Walter Reed.
(UPDATE: Thank you Alix for posting this link where you can leave a message for Chuck that will be taken to him personally --Lisa (who runs the site) is going to Walter Reed today though, so it may be too late.)

Sorry, more bad news... Our very own Zelda and her 6-month-pregnant friend were held up at gun point in her own damn driveway. You can read about it here. Thank God all three of them were OK, but the police have yet to catch these guys. I am sure that Jethro is willing them to have the balls to come back to his property!

Those of you who have yet to meet Phoenix (A.K.A. Army Girl) who is preparing to deploy to The Stan...Go over to her place and say 'hi'. She has caved into Cig's begging (lol) and posted pics and an audio post. Girl, we should switch voices...yours is so pretty and feminine and mine would serve better as an Army officer leading cadence --as I have been told I sound like Kathleen Turner. But Pax was much more gracious and said Lauren Bacall and I think I prefer that... Of course right now I have a cold and I sound more like one of Marge Simpson's sisters…

Last, but not least, I was thinking that it may be a good idea to postpone the much anticipated Blogger's Ball as so many of the key players can't make it that weekend...It wouldn't feel right to do it without ~Jen~, Alix, Jpck and Free (did I just say 'do it'?) You know what I mean... Feedback?

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