Saturday, June 11, 2005

Things You Shouldn't Miss...

This week's Carnival of the Recipes has an über host...seriously. You know when you go to someone's house and they have finger sandwiches cut in shapes of the party theme and all the appropriate accoutrements for the drinks, etc... Well, that is this week's host: Songstress7. She has done such a wonderfully comprehensive job (even taking the day off of work to do it) --please make sure you check it out! Here are some of the recipes that caught my eye: Sloppy Joe Wraps, Countertop Chronicles had me at "Feta", and Spotted Dick (I have to make this just because of the name). So, Go over there and see what tickles your fancy!

Over at "Stop the ACLU", Jay777 has a great post about the interview he scored with a former ACLU lawyer. If you haven’t been over there yet, there are some great resources and it's a comprehensive look at what's going on day-to-day with our 'favorite' civil rights crusaders. (Is that American Communist Lawyers Union?)

Ta Da! DONAL finally has started a blog. For those of you that are new to the BS, Donal was fighting for the left pre-election. It makes me so happy to reveal the name of his site here: "EX-LIBERAL". Woo Hoo!!! Please go read This Post about how the blog discussions (and especially the wisdom of Kat) and the Democrat reaction to the Iraqi elections changed his life-long liberal thinking. Truly inspiring!

For some weekend levity, I offer up a post from my very favorite Army Girl, Phoenix. Sorry girl, I know that this was not funny as it was happening to you...but I offer this link in memoriam to Batty. Be sure to laugh quietly though as she just bought a new knife...

I'll end with a proposed discussion on Milblogs. Not sure if you all saw his last post, but RED2ALPHA has closed up shop for now. He explains:

"It seems there have been problems with OPSEC and blog sites, not mine but others, I know which ones. Families have discovered through those sites, from my own Battalion, that their sons, fathers, husbands have been killed or wounded before official notice could reach them. Now The Man has decided he needs to know who is writing what. All personal sites, blogs, My Space accounts have to be registered like guns in The States. Part of me thinks it's a good idea; I've been a Soldier long enough to understand the need for action like this but I'm also disappointed. Mass punishment doesn’t always work and it is a sign of poor leadership skills. Whatever. It's done and so is This is Your War.

I could keep going but under these circumstances it would be a lie. I have already had to change this because I knew others in my Chain of Command were reading my words and thoughts. I was already being untrue to my original intention of telling the truth as I see it, of telling one Soldier's story in this war. My story.

I know of another active duty Milblogger who has lost the desire to post due to recent events too. What do you all think of registering sites? I am not versed in Military protocol, active duty personnel have the same freedoms of speech that civilians do? Will the morale boost the blogs seemed to be giving the troops be crushed by this or is this a good compromise in light of OPSEC issues?

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