Saturday, June 04, 2005

Things You Shouldn't Miss...

Media Slander has been covering the Linda Foley-Gate so well that no one else really needs to post about it. All their posts have been excellent, but if you don't have time to read them all, try this one.

Did you know that TYLENOL is the NUMBER ONE cause of liver failure in the United States...not alcohol, but acetaminophen. I saw an interview with a doctor yesterday where they were discussing this. Let this be a warning to all those that take Over-the-Counter medicines like they are candy (*cough*tesco).

Keystone has posted information about their PenPal program. They would like to re-iterate that this is a SUPPORT service and not a DATING service. All letters can be sent to:
Keystone Soldiers
PO Box 152
Fleetwood, Pa 19522-0152
And will be sent to soldiers that have requested Pen pals. (Please go to their page and Read the Program Agreement)

Liberals are still losing their minds over the Minutemen. For the life of me I can't figure out why --I would have thought this would have been one of the issues that we could have all joined together on. If you haven't read all the latest hollow liberal ranting about the Minutemen and Sean Hannity --go Here to catch up on the insanity...

This is a good read that attempts to illustrate the inconsistencies of courts when it comes to separation of CHURCH and state as opposed to the separation of MOSQUE and state (of which there now seems to be none).

Skye offers proof in the form of cash raised (or serious lack thereof) that Dean's screams are hurting the DNC. Love the new profile pic by the way!

Speaking of pictures... If you didn't go check out Punkrock Mommy's 'Sandbox Challenge' pics yesterday --you should stop by and take a peek. You won't regret it! I think tomorrow I will recap everyone that did them...

If you want to be a part of the TIME CAPSULE challenge and let everyone get a glimpse of you during your high school career --just send prom pics, senior pics, or randoms from that era to My eMAIL... (They will resume on Monday)

Justrose and I are off for a pedicure...have a great weekend!

Ooops, One last thing...Kitty is hosting a Welcome Back Party for BillT over at THE CASTLE...stop in and say hi!

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