Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Stranger than Fiction...

I am just going to post this story as is...because there is really nothing more that I can add...

"Gerardo Flores, 19, was convicted of murder in June in Lufkin, Texas, in the death of the 5-month-old [twin] fetus' of his girlfriend, Erica Basoria. Flores admitted that he had stood on Basoria's stomach several times at her request to induce a miscarriage, but Basoria had told authorities that she had also punched herself in the stomach several times. Under Texas law, killing a fetus is a capital offense, and so Flores automatically received a life sentence, but Basoria could not be charged because of her constitutional right to abortion." [Washington Post-AP, 6-6-05]

...and, of course, here is the page lobbying to free him. The page states his crime as "Helping his girlfriend get an abortion." The site also goes on to editorialize with this little gem:
"In a country where there is no publicly subsidized abortions for the unfit (as there should be), what other options were there, really? Only a fascist country like the United States of Amerikkka would force a woman to carry a pregnancy to term just because she couldn't afford the other, best option." (...the site owner claims to be a born-again preacher?)

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