Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sorry, One More Post About Wacko...

Ok, I know everyone is sick to death of Michael Jackson, BUT, I just watched the Flash presentation on his website (actually about 4 times so I made sure I didn't miss anything) there such a thing as criminally delusional? If not there should be.
Does this man realize that the jurors believed he was a molester , but they just didn't have enough for this particular case? That isn't cause for celebration, a quiet sigh that you dodged the proverbial bullet...but not the fanfare that is this media presentation on his site. save you from giving him more traffic and further deluding him into the sense that people are happy about his verdict, I will describe it for you. Blow by painful blow...

Upon entering there is a picture of his feet (much like the one pictured) next to the word "INNOCENT" that keeps lighting up until his hand (giving the peace sign) comes though it. That's when the real gem begins...
There is a picture of Michael with one of his songs playing and the word VINDICATION scrolling....then "truth is...". While all this is scrolling all over the screen and Michael Jackson (and what sounds to be a little boy) sing the background song...dates begin appearing --counting from the past until now. (Here are the direct quotes):
1/15/29 Martin Luther King is born
11/9/89 The Berlin Wall Falls
2/11/90 Nelson Mandela is freed
6/13/05 Remember this day, for it is a part of history!

The delusion presentation ends with:
The Truth Runs Marathons, INNOCENT, Truth is Vindication and VICTORY!

Scary. This Man(?) is actually comparing getting out of a child molestation rap on a technicality to MLK's birth, the Berlin wall coming down and Nelson Mandela being freed after almost 30 years in prison?! I can think of nothing more belittling to each of these events...
Here is the link if you want to watch it for yourself... (LINK IS NOW WORKING)

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