Sunday, June 12, 2005

Señor BillT -The Non-Girlie Man

CW4(Ret)BillT has (reluctantly I am sure) posted his MeMe results over at Argghhh!. I know these quizzes are much too girlie for the testosterone-laden Castle, but under duress (of having his Krups confiscated) Bill was ever the good sport and obliged me... and the outcome is very funny!
Hey, if I keep getting tagged -so do all of you!

...Also Army Girl has her answers posted, as does Zelda --both are very funny also!)

*FYI* Here is something I didn't know... Definition of girlie...
girl•ie also girl•y
adj. Informal
"Featuring minimally clothed or naked women typically in pornographic contexts: girlie magazines."

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