Friday, June 24, 2005

Question #1

Given the present, seemingly stagnant condition of the Senate, and the fact that we have just finished an election and already Senators are declaring their Presidential ambitions...Should active Senators be allowed to run for President?

Doesn't the impending run, and firestorm of press that will ensue, basically ensure Senators will be voting (for four years) not in the best interest of their constituents and the Country, but only in the perceived best interest of their careers?

Considering that only three men have come directly from Congress into the Oval Office, I don't think this would be much of a hindrance to the political process. What Gerald Ford did was more appropriate --he was the VP after Congress and then ran for President. The last time a Senator was elected President was 1960...45 years ago. That was JFK. Before that was Warren Harding in 1921. The other was from the House of Representatives -James Garfield in 1880.

Congress members that are weighing each move in light of future sound bytes are not serving their elected purpose as a representative of their constituents (Especially if they are a conservative in the North or a Democrat in the South).
I have been thinking about this and have come to the conclusion that Senators and Representatives with their eye on the Oval office make for lame duck political decisions. I think there should be a mandatory one year interim between service in the Congress and a Presidential bid.

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