Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Philly Vindication!

In Philly if you find yourself behind a car with a New Jersey license plate you sigh and moan --if it is a NJ plate AND handicapped you slam your head on your steering wheel and get out your cell to make the "I'm gonna be late" call...

Jersey drivers are an on-going joke in Philly (sorry guys) --and WE all knew it was justified stereotype, but now the rest of the country knows too!

1 out of 5 fail national test.N.J. drivers not up to speed on rules

“A nationwide test has confirmed what many New Jerseyans may already know just from driving the state's roadways: The state's motorists tend to have a sketchy understanding of the rules of the road.

In fact, drivers in only two other states are less knowledgeable than Garden State residents, according to the study by GMAC Insurance.

One out of five drivers from New Jersey and other states in the northeast United States failed a two-part test. GMAC estimated that one of 10 drivers nationwide would fail a written driver's test.

Specific test results were not available, but the study found only Massachusetts and Rhode Island residents tested worse than New Jersey drivers. Oregon drivers were regarded as the most knowledgeable.

GMAC administered the test to nearly 5,000 people nationwide. One out of three admitted speeding up to go through a yellow light even if there were pedestrians in a crosswalk, and more than one in six said they had driven without a side mirror or rearview mirror.

One-third of drivers said they would operate a car after drinking alcohol if they felt they were OK to drive. Others lacked knowledge about basic rules governing maneuvers such as merging or making left turns." (source or additional story)

Yeah well, we could have told you all that without the test!
(Pax, you're off the hook since you were born and raised in Philly...)

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