Tuesday, June 21, 2005

PETA charged with ANIMAL CRUELTY...?

Yes, the organization that claims it is CHILD ABUSE to feed your children milk has had two employees in North Carolina that have been charged with animal cruelty. (source) They were caught dumping dead dogs and cats (some of which were not actually dead) into a shopping center dumpster. Between 75-85 animals in all.
PETA spokespeople are claiming that the cars and dogs were taken from area shelters to keep them from being killed in inhumane ways. I guess 80 rotting corpses in a shopping center in the Carolina sun is perfectly OK...
PETA also claimed that all their employees were trained and have the necessary paperwork to be euthanizing animals. A claim that also seems to be false and is under investigation.
"We have no records of training PETA employees because we were informed that euthanasia was being done by a local veterinarian," a spokesperson for the Department of Agriculture"(source)
PETA is yet another example of a group that initially did a lot of good and now has just crossed over into lunacy...and, as it would seem, also hypocrisy.

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