Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Well, I was going to be a brat and go through all my archived comments to pull out quotes from certain bloggers that continually contended that the NYT was not a 'liberal' or 'left-leaning' paper. (I know, it's laughable...but there were some who really seemed to believe it) I decided not to do that. It would take too long and I'm sick...

...But as it turns out the Times' Executive Editor agrees about the liberal bias thing... In an online memo he says that the NYT has launched a new campaign to "stretch beyond our predominately urban, culturally liberal orientation ... [and] cover the full range of our national conversation. And that The Times will "make an extra effort" to diversify its newsroom, culturally... and work to cover religion more extensively. But Keller says this is not an effort to "appease believers or pander to conservatives," insisting, "good journalism entails understanding more than just the neighborhood you grew up in."

Now re-read that last line. Since this statement verifies the fact that the Times has not had a diversified newsroom and has not worked to cover religion...and he says that is what makes "good journalism" --is he also admitting that his paper is bad and inherently biased journalism? (source)

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