Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Ms. Kung Fu Kat

For those of you who may have missed it... our own Kat was a featured interview on Iraqi Bloggers Central.
I have referred to her as the 'Mad Scientist of Blogging' as she writes the most well-researched and hard-core posts of anyone I have read, but I love the way that Mr. Ghost introduced her:

"She may be in The Middle Ground, but never in the Muddled Ground. That is Blogger, Kat From The Midwest, who showcases a strong intellect and the cold hard truths and facts in her scholarly blog: The Middle Ground, with its Hard-Charging
Poignant look at World Events, Emerging
Democracies, the Middle East, U.S. Policy, the American Military, and the Midwest Scene.

Go HERE to read the interview.
Rock on Kat! And Happy ONE YEAR Blogiversary (a few days late)!

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