Wednesday, June 29, 2005

In the Sandbox...


There comes a time to stand for what you know
To be the right, whatever be the cost.
Then get you up to speak, or do, or go
To fill some gaping breach, though you be tossed
From wave to towering wave, while dervish winds
Pull sail from yard, and blind your eyes with spray.
Do what you must; go fight beside your friends;
Do what you can, and more; go seize the day.
Fear not the foe, and damn the shores alee.
To win the fight, you must run to the van.
The valiant prisoner's heart may yet be free;
The coward's heart is chained, and never can.
Go fight your fight; you must do what you ought.
It's better fought and lost than never fought."
-Mark Lukey (source)

...the Girls of the Guard...
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