Friday, June 10, 2005

In the Sandbox...


Hands of a Soldier

Solid firm grip of friendship,
The same defend the free.
Silence in the gripping shake,
Acknowledge honor given.
Our hand in his hand,
Those hands defend the free.
Sacrifice of caressing hands,
back home for family, yearn.
Hands to duty honor bound,
Defends the peaceful free.
Hands wrinkled shaking,
In age still hold the pride.
Soldier's hands, veteran hands,
These hands have kept us free."
-Robert W. Hancock

Thoughts of a Soldier
"I struggle to see my objective for the sand blowing in my eyes,
I hear the sound of explosions like thunder from the sky,
My mouth is dry and my body aches,
I must push on no matter what it takes,
the lives of so many innocent keeps running through my mind,
I know this is why my country has put my life on the line,
So don't lose hope America we do this for you,
For all your soldiers bleed red, white and blue......."
-Jimmy L. Ashburn

...women of the United States Air Force...
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