Monday, June 20, 2005

I Conceed... it seems there was indeed Torture and Qur'an abuse.

Unfortunately for Dick Durbin and his ilk, it was at the hands of terrorists and detainees and not the U.S. military.

"A hostage who was found shackled in a torture room in Iraq by American soldiers has described how he was tormented for 22 days with electric shocks and daily beatings for no obvious reason." (Read the entire article)

This is who our military is dealing with and Dick Durbin is worried about what? What I want to know is would any of these people screaming for the rights of the militants and claiming there are so many innocent nice boys at Gitmo (yeah, I'm sure UBL's bodyguard is a hoot) --would they let them, ANY of them, alone in a room with any member of their family? I think that should be the test. No lawyers, no tribunals....get the most left-wing person you can find and offer them the prisoner's freedom in exchange for one day alone in a house with their children. We'll see how convicted they are then.

As for Qur'an abuse... The Pentagon found that there were indeed CONFIRMED instances of book abuse by American military personnel. I am sure that you have heard that and seen it plastered all over every 'progressive' blog out there. BUT have you heard what these confirmed cases actually were? Let me share that with you.

--"A guard urinating outside a cellblock inadvertently splashed an air vent. A detainee later claimed some of the urine penetrated his cell and contaminated his clothes and his Quran. The prisoner was immediately issued new clothes and a new Quran and the guard was reassigned.

--A detainee claimed his Quran had gotten wet after guards threw water balloons into his cell.

--A detainee complained during an interrogation that guards had kicked the Quran of a detainee in a neighboring cell four or five days earlier.

--A contract interrogator stepped on a Quran while interviewing a detainee. The interrogator later offered an apology for the incident - which was accepted by the detainee." (source)

Is this laughable? But wait, in contrast to that...Here are CONFIRMED instances of Qur'an abuse BY THE DETAINEES:

--"Three detainees spit and/or threw urine on their Qurans.
--Two detainees ripped pages from their Qurans and tried to flush them down the toilet.
--A detainee tore out pages of his Quran to cover the air vent in his cell
--A sleeping detainee was found using a Quran for a pillow." (source)

I really think people need to examine their motives when buying into this. I am not being condescending, but I feel so strongly that the Bush-hate in this country has caused good people to go off the deep end and the end result may hurt them in the long run, but right now it will definitely hurt our troops...

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