Thursday, June 23, 2005

Epipens & Inhalers...

(This one's for you JR!)

Did you know that in 28 States school children are not allowed to carry their life-saving Epipens and inhalers? Because of a safety concern that these devices could be used 'as a weapon' against other children...

Kelsey Ryan is a 9 year old girl that was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy at 5 yrs. In Kindergarten all teachers were trained to use her Epipene and took it with them wherever they went, but as she progressed in grade the Epipen remained locked in a cabinet in the nurse’s office -by law.

Given the fact that childhood allergies and asthma have almost doubled in recent years and the severe risk that these children were at not having these items readily available,
Kelsey and her Mom set out to change this law in Florida. Their contention was that a Life and Death situation outweighs the 'safety concern' (especially since a sharpened pencil could have the same 'threat' as the Epipen --and as for inhalers, I have no idea what threat they posed).

Kelsey testified in Tallahassee about the fear caused being without this possible lifeline and THE KELSEY RYAN ACT was passed and signed into law by Jeb Bush (earlier this year President Bush signed the Food Allergy Labeling Consumer Protection Act into law -that takes effect January 2006). Florida is now the 22nd State that will allow children to carry their own Epipens and inhalers.

Kelsey and her mom are now set on going to Congress to change the laws in the rest of the States that prohibit this necessity. What a great kid. (source)

Kids between 6-18 will be decending on Washington D.C. in the fall to educate elected officials from their respective states: Here's the Application.

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