Monday, June 06, 2005

The Director of Amnesty International USA...

...was interviewed by Chris Wallace yesterday afternoon. Yes, I realize that I said that I wasn't going to grace this with my valuable time, BUT it's so aggravating I can't help it... I really feel this is being promulgated by the "Bush needs to fail" contingent (both nationally and internationally). They absolutely cringe at the thought of this "arrogant, less-than brilliant, Texan cowboy" eventually being lauded in the history books (or course this probably wouldn't happen even if Iraq and Afghanistan became the most fruitful civil countries in the world -because we are well aware of who writes the history books...).

Anyway, here are some interesting facts were discussed during Wallace's interview with the Director of Amnesty International USA, George Schultz:

First... surprise, surprise, he gave the maximum allowed contribution to John Kerry's Presidential flop.
He has already given $1,000 toward Teddy *hiccup* Kennedy's next campaign.
He called Rumsfeld and Alberto Gonzales "high level architects of torture".
He, once again, defended statements comparing GITMO and other American holding facilities to Stalin's gulags, and said in the interview that he "doesn't believe the statements were irresponsible because they are analogous...and there are some analogies between the Soviet prisons and American detainees."

Need I say more? I mean, even the Washington Post's Editorial Page is calling A.I. on this one...

(On a totally unrelated and self-serving note: The "Holy Shi'ite" post was linked this weekend on in an article asking if "Blonde Bloggers Have More Fun" and over at Wizbang)

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