Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Depths of Depravity...

Delores Goss' live-in boyfriend, Albert Laing, raped her 15 year-old daughter. Ms. Goss is a 54 year old social worker in Pennsylvania. Did she report the rape to police? Did she have this man arrested? Did she at least move her daughter from the house? A resounding 'NO" to all of those questions. What she did do was to draw up a contract with this man, who raped her young daughter, that instructed him to pay her $500 every two weeks until the year 2015 in exchange for her silence. They took the agreement to a notary, AND they continued to live in the same house. A mother and a social worker. (source)
This was eventually brought to police attention when Goss contacted them -presumable because Laing was not making payments. Albert Laing, 38, has been charged with two counts of second-degree rape and one count of hindering prosecution. Delores Goss, Mother of the Year, is out on bail. She was charged with one count of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of hindering prosecution. Why wasn't she charged with the promotion of child prostitution? How about the Notary Public that validated the 'deal'...do they have liability to report a crime?

76% of child abuse cases are committed by friends or neighbors
30% of child abuse cases are relatives other than Parents
Only 15% of all abuse cases are children subsequently placed in foster care

These stories always remind me of my mom saying, "It's always the boyfriend". I really worry about all the Single moms out there that have young kids. I know it can happen to anyone, but that always strikes me as a prime situation for predators.

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