Friday, June 17, 2005

Again...She gets Tagged...

...and THIS time by her own The Man... This is a bit different than a MeMe though, so I will indulge him...

"Five things society at large enjoys, but that I, for the most part, just don't get..."

1)...The Anorexic look. Yeah, yeah...all boys say that they don't like it, but why is it the Hollywood and Madison Avenue standard? --obviously someone likes it. There were actresses that used to be pretty, but now they just look gross (Debra Messing, Jennifer Aniston, Calista Flockhart). Do you know what happens when you are that skinny...look at Paris Hilton and you will see --she has no ass. It's not natural. Women should be curvy and feminine like Marilyn Monroe not Twiggy look-a-likes.

2)...Slagging Breast Feeding. If you don't want to watch someone breast feed --go away. Have you ever seen an animal feeding its young a bottle? Do you think God gave you breasts for your husband's pleasure? NO, No no... They are there to feed babies, and those of us who have been doing it for a while can do it so well that most of you never even know what's going on. And don't look disgusted that people choose to use their breasts for what they are intended for and call it animalistic...duh... (sorry -old wound opened up by Barbara Walters)

3)...Smoking bans. OK people...I understand not smoking in offices, trains, airplanes and even restaurants, but coffee houses, Bars and CLUBS is a whole different story. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Coffee houses are about drinking some primo java, smoking and listening to really bad poetry (was that redundant?) and bars and I even have to say anything. Will we ban reading in libraries or toilet paper in bathrooms. If you don't like smoke, you shouldn't be at a bar... Go to a yogurt stand or something.

4) ...Unions. Someone PLEASE tell me why there are still labor unions in this day and age and why they still wield so much political power. Legal, organized corruption. If your boss is treating you wrong -go get another job. You have a trade and you are in demand...why give up so much of your money in Union dues that go into PACs and support candidates that you don't care for? Why sit in the Union hall or strike when you could be working? I just don't get it...

5)...Wedding DJs/"dancing". I hate the Electric Slide and the Macarena even more. You do not look sexy out there in your stocking feet shaking your booty under that sequined pale blue dress... please sit back down. A wedding full of white folks dancing is just painful. Please don't fool yourself into thinking that you are the "one" that can dance. The stereotype started for a reason, and after going to a few weddings you realize that reason was a damn good one! The dance is all worked out for you and STILL NO ONE IS DOING THE SAME THING...

Ok, I am done and my obligation is fulfilled, now...

...for the next five victims:
She Who Will Be Obeyed :because after all the drinks Tesco and I gave her she will need an easy post...LOL
Pax Romano :because I know he will find a way to make this funny and not just rant like I did (sorry, was that too much pressure?)
Kat :because she works so hard on all her posts that she deserves a 'fun' one...
~Jen~ :because we haven't heard from her in a while *ahem*
Big and Mean :because he has my back and I love him for it.


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