Wednesday, June 29, 2005

*Ack* More on GITMO

Isn't is crazy how the fabrications of torture (a.k.a. Christina Aguilera songs ad nauseum) spread through the MSM like a California wildfire, but when three anti-war, anti-Administration Dems fly down to Gitmo and concede that it looks pretty damn good....Is that crickets I hear chirping? What? It may be one of the finest prison facilities in the world? The Interrogators were reading what to the detainees...Harry Potter is torture in Islam?

"U.S. lawmakers witnessed interrogations, toured cell blocks and ate the same lunch given to detainees on the first congressional visit to the prison for suspected terrorists since criticism of it intensified in spring."

''The Guantanamo we saw today is not the Guantanamo we heard about a few years ago,'' said Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-Calif.).

So three that were calling for the closing were pretty damn impressed with their orange chicken lunches....? hmmmm. I guess that's why we were taught to actually SEE something BEFORE we comment about it...

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