Monday, May 02, 2005

Weekend Update

Sadly, the second successful blog meeting has just come to an end. The first was in March with the magnanimous Big and Mean and his wonderful wife...Little and Nice. Allaying my burgeoning insecurity in the blogosphere, Bonnie and Desult were newly found sisters and soul mates. There was no awkwardness or hesitation --it did not feel like we were receiving strangers, but welcoming back old friends. For real.

Sorry Jpck, the lingerie pillow fight pictures are top secret.

It poured all weekend long, but we hung out, drank beer, enjoyed how well our kids got along, had a kid-free girl's breakfast out (thank you tesco for bravely watching all three kids!), drank more beer, sampled Scotch, smoked way too much, stayed up until 2am every night talking about everything, ate a lot (thanks JR for helping out with that!), drank a wee bit more and then said our tearful goodbyes. The weekend went by way WAY too quick --but I know that it will be the first of many. The only thing missing was The Ghost-- unfortunately he had to work this weekend, but we can't wait to meet him at the next go round.

Thank you girls for the best weekend we've had in a long time --Tesco, JR, AB and I all loved finally getting to hang out with you... Air show at the end of the month?!

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