Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Various Tidbits...

George Soros getting taxpayer money? The man worth an estimated 7 billion with obvious Communist leanings has received amounts between $4.6 million and $8.9 million over a six year period for his Open Society Institute.
Here are some of the things that OSI has given financial support to in the past few years:
-Remember that lawyer, Lynn Stewart, accused of helping terrorists? Well, they gave to her defense fund.
-They have given to the ACLU.
-Pro-Choice Education Project
-Gay-Straight Alliance Network
-Coalition of the International Criminal Court
Just to name a few...
"Multiple calls to the State Department and United States Agency for International Development, which have both funded OSI, were not returned." (source)

A dog in Nairobi, Kenya rescued an abandoned baby girl.
"Surprisingly, she was unharmed despite the fact that the dog had crossed the busy Ngong Road and passed through a barbed wire fence to get to its master's home. The dog has neither a name nor training. At Kenyatta hospital we found nurses still discussing the event in hushed tones. "We decided to call her Angel, since she is truly a miracle baby," said Beth Ngila, the nurse in charge of Pediatric Ward 3B. According to Dr Eugene Were, a registrar at the hospital, upon admission, the infant was dehydrated and cried a lot. "Apart from a high fever she is clinically stable. She is also feeding well," explained Dr Were.
He added that her navel had to be cleaned with surgical spirit to avoid further infection. He estimated that 'Angel' must have stayed in the forest for two days. "Had she stayed longer than that she would have died," he said." (source)
Now would a cat ever do this...?

The school board in Modesto, CA just approved an across-the-board dress code for public schools. (Dress Code Guidelines) I am very against dress codes (though I have seen some pics lately that have made me re-think my stand on this). They do not take away competition --even if you wear uniforms there will still be competition with the shoes, the jewelry and the purses. They rob people of their individuality which is crucial in teenage years-- and kids will find away around them. The High School that I went to attempted to impose an arbitrary dress code much like the one in Modesto. 'Pants can't be tight enough to see panty lines'...so we all stopped wearing panties. I guess some guidelines are needed, but it gets sticky for me when rules like "Too-short skirts and shorts" are imposed. Who decides? Before you rally for the dress codes, remember how you felt at that age and how much you would have hated a dress code. Actually, come to think of it when I switched in eighth grade from a school that HAD required uniforms to a school with NO uniforms...my grades improved...

One of the organizers of the Minuteman project, newspaper publisher Chris Simcox, was barred from a Dept. of Homeland Security Press conference last week. In a strange turn of events Simcox is asking the ACLU to determine whether his First Amendment (Free Press) rights were violated.
"I showed up with press credentials and was held outside the gate," Mr. Simcox said, adding that he was told by a Border Patrol agent that Chief Michael Nicely, who heads the agency's Tucson sector, had ordered him barred from the press conference." (source)
Border Control agrees that he was declined admittance but cites 'security reasons'.
"If I was banned because of the Minuteman Project connection, that is unfair because I had a right and the proper credentials to attend the press conference," he said. "This is a perfect challenge for the ACLU."
Officials at ACLU's Tucson office did not return calls for comment." (source)
'Minuteman Project' Site

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