Monday, May 23, 2005

To Posh to Push...

Most of us that have had children know how hard it is to take off that last 10lbs. from however much you gained with each baby --and then you see some actress at the Oscars, two days after giving birth, wearing a size 2 dress.
There are now stories being printing about how this is possible. Apparently (accoring to celebrity docs) the "Hollywood Mommy Trend' involves a planned C-section a few weeks before the due date -to avoid that final weight gain- and a mini-tummy tuck at the same time (this trend is being called 'Too Posh to Push' after David Beckham's wife, the ex-Posh Spice)(source). This is kinda've sick and twisted. The baby's lungs are the organ that is developing in the final weeks --and to electively choose your figure over lung development is pretty F'ed up. How many of these Hollywood offspring need nebulizers and will develop asthma?
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