Saturday, May 07, 2005

Things You Shouldn't Miss

The 38th Edition of Carnival of the Recipes is up! This week it is hosted by Techno Gypsy, and as always there are some great ideas. Javascript Cookies (which are coffee chocolate chip cookies), Bourbon Pecan Pie with Bourbon Cream (OMG!), and Lasagna Rolls are just a few of the things that stood right out. Go take a look!

I thought this was pretty crazy...Steven posts about the discovery that 666 is not the 'sign' of the devil. Turns out it is 616 (which incidentally is the area code of SW Michigan). Now what to do about all those Slayer t-shirts!?

The Castle alerted readers to the fact that Col. David Hackworth passed away on Wednesday from a cancer suspected to be caused by Agent Orange. I know he was a controversial figure, but 'Steel My Soldiers Hearts' is one of my favorite books. Free0352 and I were just discussing Hack the other day...
At a date to be announced, he will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors. R.I.P. Colonel.

Anyone that has yet to drop by Nimbus' site and listen to some of his songs that he has posted...really should do so. As in his songs... Written, played and sung by him. Too Cool. This posts song has a killer picture of him in his 'long haired freaky people' days too! ;)

...and on a more depressing note --at least for us smokers... Matt at The Tattered Coat has a chart posted that shows how much money we would all have if we quit.

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