Saturday, May 28, 2005

Tagged Again...

I've been Tagged by AFSis to do this MOVIE here goes:

1. How many DVD/VHS's do you own?

We (as in me and The Man) own about 240 DVDs... Well probably more, but those are the ones that are downstairs. God only knows how many are up in our room, in both of our vehicles and lent to friends...

2. What's the last film you bought?
I think it was Ladder 49. We tried to rent it for a week and it was never in. We finally bought it and IT SUCKED. ..on second thought, maybe it was The Incredibles...which didn't suck at all.

3. What's the last movie you saw?
I am sad to report that it was 'Racing Stripes' the theater.

4. What are your 5 favorite movies?
God, I hate this can you possibly only pick five... (and I never know whether to do five favorite or five that I can watch over and over)
Fight Club
Steel Magnolias
Star Chamber
25th Hour

You've Got Mail
Sliding Doors
Bridget Jones' Diary
About a Boy

OK, now I have to tag five people:

JustRose (Because best friends do those annoying things to each other)
JP (Where the hell have you been?)
Freakchylde (Cause she's cool as shit)
Army Girl (To take her mind off impending deployment)
Skye (Cause there's another cool sane blonde in Philly!)

Have fun girls!

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