Sunday, May 08, 2005

Shoes for War Zones...

For any of you that have sent shoes for the kids in Iraq and/or Afghanistan... You should check out the This Picture Gallery at Keystone Soldiers. Keystone just let me know that they have shipped over 7,000 pair of shoes and countless pounds of school supplies and clothes. Don't you think that this is where changing hearts and minds really begins?

Keystone Soldiers: "The ones from Iraq are the 46 boxes of shoes we sent in the last 2 months and helped 2 orphanages and 12 schools. That is a lot of happy little feet. :-)"

"We are still working with both of these groups and will also be working with a unit in Kosovo that is helping an orphanage there. They are in need of some baseball equipment (new or used) and will be donating it to the National School system in Kosovo. They are teaching the kids the great American pastime and finding out a lot about themselves too."

If anyone still wants to send shoes, school supplies or baseball equipment, please visit the Keystone Soldiers website or Email Keystone Soldiers.

Or send what you would like to contribute to:
Keystone Soldiers, PO Box 152 Fleetwood, Pa 19522

What a great thing to do with your kids this Mother's Day!

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