Wednesday, May 18, 2005

My Final Word on the Newsweek Debacle...

Could a Qur'an fit down a toilet?
I think not.

Would detainees terrorists have a Qur'an if it weren't for the US Government?
I think not.

Would I riot and kill people if someone flushed the King James down the toilet?
I think not.

Are liberals freaking out because their bloodlust for dirt on the Administration and the military caused deaths to the very Muslim civilians they claimed to want to protect?
I think so.

el final

OK, that was supposed to be the end, but J.Marquis has dared me to put this article up. I never could turn down a dare... Basically Molly Ivans says that the detainees terrorists have been claiming all along that their Qur'an's have been mishandled (remember those Qur'ans that they wouldn't even have if it weren't for us...Do you think they gave Nick Berg a copy of the Bible before they cut off his head?) This article fails to impress me. Of course they are going to say that --what better thing to say? They are terrorists and I am sure that thier schooling at the training camps involved 'what to do if you get caught'. Blame the Infidel!

Here is the official DOD guideline for the Qur'an and GITMO:
"The Pentagon released a three-page memorandum drafted in January 2003, one year after the first prisoners arrived at the base, on the need to protect Islam’s holy book from placement in “offensive areas such as the floor, near the toilet or sink, near the feet, or dirty (or) wet areas”, according to the text of the memo, published on Tuesday by The Washington Post.

Only chaplains or Muslim interpreters should touch the Quran, after donning clean gloves in view of the prisoner may they handle the Quran like a “fragile piece of delicate art”, the report said.

Muslims working at the Guantanamo base in Cuba should use both hands when handling the Quran as a sign of respect, while favouring the right hand because of cultural associations with the left hand, the memo said." (source)

...but why wouldn't you trust OUR MILITARY's word over that of TERRORISTS?! Because you're a liberal...? I think so.

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