Wednesday, May 11, 2005

More Tidbits...

Did you hear about the teacher that was fired because he lowered a student’s grade for sleeping in class? Similar to my feelings about a dress code, I have to go with the kids on this one. The thing that I hated most about college was that you could only have three absences. I was paying for the classes myself, and I was grown. If I didn’t show up that was on me. Why do I need to sit there and listen to you re-read what I read the night before? If you are lecturing and you have children falling asleep, you need to re-think your game plan. I know you are underpaid and burnt out –but you are boring as hell and not only are your lectures painful, but when you talk for that long your bad breath envelopes the entire room. If I am getting A’s on papers and tests –you have no right to lower my grade (which should be based on my academic performance…not if I can stay awake in your class).

Well, at least they caught one. Speaking of that topic…
"ALBANY, N.Y. -- A state judge on Tuesday ruled the state Department of Motor Vehicles can't revoke the driver's licenses of as many as 252,000 illegal immigrants because they haven't secured Social Security cards.
The DMV "may not use immigration status" to deny licenses, according to the decision by state Supreme Court Justice Karen Smith. "Plaintiffs have faced and will continue to face serious injuries if these practices continue.”
But wait –it gets better…
“The court said DMV lacks the authority to carry out the practice that could only be enacted by a legislature. The practice requires proof of residency not required under law, the judge said. She argued it would be similar if DMV required a marriage license to prove identity, keeping unmarried people from obtaining driver's licenses.” (source)
All I can really say is…Did you Sign the Petition?

I have heard so much about this book... First, the authors were on Michael Smerconish’s show for a week straight and then O’Reilly had them on the other night. Normally I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about an Economics book, but this one seems quite intriguing. They set out to make economics personal and understandable (and more importantly, relevant). Hypotheses include: A direct correlation between decreasing crime rates and number of abortions by low income families. Taking your children to ‘cultural events’, dance classes, reading workshops, etc. have absolutely no effect on future grades or success in life (and neither does spanking or not spanking), and a backyard swimming is much more dangerous than a gun. I tried to get this at Barnes and Noble today, but they didn’t have it…so I will be ordering it from Amazon today.

No! Not Google too! (Yes, more bitching about left-leaning bias)

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