Friday, May 27, 2005

Let Them Drink!

I am all for the legislation proposed in Wisconsin that would allow members of the military to drink in bars at the age of 19… I know this is an age-old argument, but if you can risk life and limb for your country –you should be able to have a Corona!

This bill was introduced by Rep. Mark Pettis (*ahem* a Republican), and it awaits a vote in the State Affairs Committee, it has been co-sponsored by 12 representatives and five senators. The governor, Jim Doyle, (a Democrat) opposes the bill.

"If we can send these young men and women to war and expect them to have common sense in pushing the button on armament, we should give them the ability to have a drink," said Representative Pettis. (source)

"A high percentage of those killed in action are under 21. These folks have the ability to make the decision to fire weapons that can do mass damage, but they can't have a beer. There's something wrong with this picture." (source)

Out of curiosity I decided to pop over to the DU (Democratic Underground) to see what the Kool Aid drinkers were saying about this... I figured they would have their panties in a twist over the thought of members of the military getting a perk that the rest of us wouldn't get.
Here is a Copy & Paste of the thread under this story:

Free Booze as a signing "bonus"?
The state could also lose 10% of their highway funding.
What are the ones with no arms or mouths supposed to do?
They should legalize pot for soldiers, too. They're dying soon anyway.
Say...Why aren't drugs legal when Jesus is coming soon anyway? Are we gonna legalize pot once all the assholes are Raptured?
This is so silly and such a waste of taxpayers money.
They can strap empty kegs to their Hummers since we won't buy them armor.
What are they going to crash into? They're in the desert. And they really don't need to aim very well, since they seem to have no problem with civilian casualties.
I would appreciate the gesture, if it didn't just seem like a ploy to up recruiting.
Maybe this is a ploy to get 19 year olds sh*t faced so they'll enlist. Not a doubt in my mind!
If you fight, kill & die for the country, it should allow you to get drunk
That is how the British built an army in the 19th Century. as poor as church mice if they didn't have a "position" or a "situation" or were not educated by the local intellectual. There was no university. There was nothing but the farm or peanuts to be made in factory work.
So if you were a young man and you wanted 'two cents to rub together' and buy a beer, you joined the army.
Nice to see the beer lobby is alive and well in Wisconsin, "hey kid, you might get your ass shot off, but hey, now you can drink a beer and make my buddies some more money to boot. Is that a deal or what?"
Frankly the drinking age should be lowered to 19 FOR EVERYBODY
(DU Thread)

Ah...gotta love those libs over at the DU...If nothing else they're reliable...

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