Saturday, May 21, 2005

In the Sandbox...


***Yes, I know that I have been favoring the Airborne boys lately --and I apologize to all the other branches...ya know I love you all.
After FIVE months of doing The Sandbox and looking through THOUSANDS of pictures, I feel I have a bit of expertise here and I would like to pronounce the AIRBORNE BOYS the crème de'le crème of the military (in terms of looks). Sorry boys, but Airborne seems to attract the kind of guys that make you want to jump in your car and drive to North Carolina... Ft. Bragg here we come!
... LOL***

Nastiest Jump:
"Well, there have been a few, but a couple stick out.
First was a night, SCUBA, ocean jump off the Atlantic coast of Panama. The bird- C-47. The gear-twin 72's (double tanks, 80lbs), duck feet(flippers)and the rest. There was a slight relief when we got out the door, but it came to an end when the thought of the 2000m swim at a depth of around 50ft to the beach came to mind. Always gettin' hit with jellyfish and finding sharks in the net the next day. Disney doesn't have a ride equal to standing on that little platform and hangin' onto the skin of that 47 at 4000' doin' 150mph looking into the big black inkwell your headed for. Got a picture of myself doin' that right beside my desk at work.
second one: tree jump into triple canopy in a smoke suit (looks like a padded moon suit with football helmet and cage) couple of times got too damn close to the infamous Black Palm trees. Think of a locust tree here with thorns of about 6-8 inches long."

Submitted by: Mike Walker (source)

...the Airborne girls...
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