Monday, May 02, 2005

Imagine That...

...More GOOD NEWS!

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is finally attempting to do something right. The families of deploying military personnel will be allowed to obtain passes that enable them to accompany loved ones to airport boarding gates.
"In an e-mail to Stars and Stripes, TSA said it has asked its federal security directors, as well as all airlines and airports, to adopt procedures that allow airline gate access to military family members whenever possible.

However, while TSA provides guidelines for allowing non-ticketed individuals into restricted areas to air carriers, the final decision is a function of the carriers and the airports, according to the TSA e-mail. Therefore passes may not always be available." (source)

Though the current security restrictions applying to non-ticketed passengers may be warranted given the pressing need for safe and sterile airports, this courtesy should be granted to our troops and their families. Some of the boys are so young, and having family walk them down that last stretch before they board that plane to hell could make a world of difference. No one should walk that alone.

Now, if the TSA would keep the 'good ideas' cap on, stop pulling ten year old boys and little blue-haired old ladies from the line for secondary screening and concentrate on the common denominators of the profile of those that would cause us harm --we might actually begin to approach security...

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