Thursday, May 19, 2005

GUEST POST: by Russ from Winterset

"I can't help but think of a scene from "The Bridge on The River Kwai" when I think of the current state of politics and the media in America. When William Holden & the commando team are seconds from blowing the bridge, Alec Guinness tries to get them to stop and manages to get Holden & another British soldier killed in the process. With all the dead bodies lying around him, he looks into the heavens and says......"Oh my God. What have I done?" In my humble opinion, that's one of the most powerful moments in cinema.

That scene springs to mind when I see Newsweek running a story about supposed desecration of the Koran with one (shaky) source in order to embarrass the Pentagon, when the Boston Globe runs pictures from a porno website & claims that they're evidence of coalition troops raping Iraqi women, when the media beats the AlQaQaa explosives story like a rented mule before election day but then totally ignores it after Kerry lost, and when Democratic Senators flip-flop on the fillabuster & smear Dubya's judicial nominees by outright lying & distorting statements of those on the Right (Alberto Gonzales & Ken Starr come to mind).

My God, is their hatred for Dubya so strong that they don't see what they're doing? Every once and a while you see someone from that side of the aisle grudgingly admit that "Bush was right", but it's damn little compared to the attacks coming from the ones who don't see their folly yet. Folks, in 50 years this generation of progressive politicians and journalists are going to be judged by either free Americans who live beyond the threat of jihad because of what's being done right now, or else they'll be judged by America's new islamofascist dictators. Me? I vote for America to win this one, but I'm crazy like that.

If Walter Duranty were alive today, he'd fit right into the White House press corps - - heck, he might even be considered too soft on the Republicans by these jackals. There is no nuance left on the part of the Left: George W. Bush is Hitler, Ann Colter is Eva Braun, Tom DeLay is the bastard son of Elmer Gantry & Ken Lay, Michelle Malkin is a $2 Fillipina whore, and Karl Rove is their dark, satanic puppetmaster. Those on the right aren't perfect, but at least they've undergone the trial by fire of media scrutiny - do you think Republicans who had Klan membership and a dead woman in a flooded car in their pasts would EVER be taken seriously by our current media? I don't think so.

How does this end? That question's over my pay grade."

(Unfortunately Russ doesn't have a blog, but he is welcome to post here whenever the mood strikes...)

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