Friday, May 06, 2005

Fallen, Not Forgotten...

Sgt. Eric Morris

Sgt. Morris, 31, was killed on April 28th in Tal Afar, a city near the Syrian border, when a bomb detonated under his Stryker. He was based out of Ft. Lewis.

"While military officials could not confirm the specifics of how [Morris] died, the explosion may mark the deadliest attack against a Stryker since it was deployed in 2003. The eight-wheeled, $4 million vehicle is touted by the Army as the most advanced way to move troops into battle." (source)

Sgt. Morris was two months into his second tour in Iraq. He has a wife, Jolene, who is set to graduate medical school in a few months and twin six-year-old daughters.

"He was strict, but not uptight," said Sgt. Mark Meikle. "They say time heals all wounds. But I think this wound will bleed forever."

If you want to help the families of these fallen heroes, please go visit and purchase ($8-$12) a bracelet that honors a fallen hero. You can request a specific name or they can assign a name for you. (Thanks to AFSister for this great link!)

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