Wednesday, May 25, 2005

--The @!$#*@%*&*@! Dentist --

There were a bunch of things that I wanted to write about today... BUT, yesterday I took Ninj to the dentist and now I am just too depressed to write about anything.

About a week and a half ago I made an appointment for both boys at my dentist. The secretary knew the ages of both when she made the appointment and also knew that we don't have dental insurance. We got there and he examined Busta and cleaned his teeth and then barely looked at Mason (maybe 45 seconds) --told me that he thought he had two cavities and that he didn't do pediatric dental work and proceeded to charge me $62. I realize that, like any professional, a dentist gets paid for his time, but if he doesn't do fillings for children why would he see them when he knows that you will have to pay an exam fee somewhere else if work is needed?

Yesterday we went to a pediatric dentist thinking he had two surface cavities and were told it should be no more than $300 with exam included. Wrong. The exam was $80 and Ninja has FIVE cavities, will need to be sedated to have them filled and the total price (not including yesterdays visit) will be.... SIX HUNDRED AND NINTY DOLLARS (as in $690!!!). And here's the best part --they don't take payments. None of the cavities are to the roots yet so we should 'really have this done right away'... Yeah, that's easy for them to say.

Some people opt not to fix baby teeth, but with Ninja that isn't an option. If rear baby teeth fall out prematurely and they need to put spacers in it can impede speech and after two and a half years of intensive speech therapy and the progress that he has made --that is the last thing we need... BUT-- I hate the thought of him sedated and restrained (and I am not allowed to be in with him), but fully conscious and scared while they are drilling. (And doing all five at once?!) I'm tortured. I want to cry...

I have managed to go 33 years with NO cavities and he's FOUR and has FIVE ALREADY? WTF? I want to be mad at him (he's a brat about brushing his teeth), but his little face makes it virtually impossible. Since I have had NO experience with dental work of any kind this seems like so much money to me, but Justrose informed me that it really isn't bad for 5 fillings and sedation. We cancelled all of our credit cards after The Man's accident to assure that we didn't live beyond our means while our financial future was unclear --so I have no idea what we will do...we will find a way, we always do; but in the meantime I am sure to get an ulcer...

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