Friday, May 20, 2005

The City of Brotherly Love Union Domination...

GUEST RANT: by Tesco (A.K.A. The Man)

“You better make sure your T’s are crossed on this job,” the building inspector said, “You know the union wants this job shut down!” I don’t know which pissed me off more, my work being questioned or the thought of a bunch of low-life union pricks picketing my job! “They run this city you know…” They run the city at a collective six hours a day!? Whatever! I’m getting so sick of these people who apparently ‘run the city’. If it’s not the lazy ass labor unions, it’s a bunch of scumbag bikers. That’s right, BIKERS. Not the men and women who actually work… a bunch of long haired, unshaven nasty bikers and a bunch of lazy crying union pricks. I really don’t care about why the unions were started. That was a long time ago. Now it’s about extortion. And bikers? Come on! This is just as bad as the mafias running around the city. It’s bullshit! Try WORKING for a change you scumbags! I don’t want to hear about how tough the Pagans are or how the Angels could take the city from them in a matter of days… or how the Pagans threaten Merlino, or how a scumbag ‘carp’ needs to feed HIS family – STOP! Just get the hell up in the morning and go to work, and when you’re done for the day, go home! Stop your damn bitching!! All these bikers and mafia dirtbags running around, tough guys right? And all this f’n crying from the labor unions… GET TO WORK PEOPLE! Maybe if you give that a shot, we might actually be able to clean up this city.

The Woman’s 2¢:
Coupled with the onslaught of ‘random’ killings taking place in Center City Philadelphia right now, the city is still wrought with Union-control problems (and, believe it or not, Pagans and Hell’s Angels). I often wonder about the folks with offices in Liberty Place and those lunching at the food court in the Bellevue’s lower level… Do they have a clue what Philly is really like? Do they have any idea of the vast levels of corruption here? The Man will be working in Center City all summer long (he normally avoids it like the plague, but he landed a huge client with tons of prime city real-estate that pays quickly) and now there are rumors afloat that Local 420 (Steamfitters) and Local 19 (Sheet Metal) are planning to strike this summer. The Man is independent, so why should this effect us…IT SHOULDN’T. But it will. This means that we (meaning me and the boys) will not see The Man this summer because instead of risking his limbs and his truck(s) to cross picket lines he will have to work nights when the picketers leave. Someone doing an honest day of hard work should never have to sneak to do that under cover of night. I love Philly and I don’t know what I would do without the access we have to everything good, but we really gotta get out of here…

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