Friday, May 13, 2005

Bolton, Racism and PBS...

John Bolton finally gets his chance to be voted up or down on the Senate thanks to Ohio's George Voinovich. Did you hear Joe Biden's speech? Geez, what a windbag that joys in hearing himself talk! Indiana's Richard Lugar is another RINO that needs to go (add Chuck Hagel to that list too -he's handsome, but a thorn in the GOP's side). Are Democrats even paying slight attention to the Oil for Food scandal and what is going on with Paul Volker's investigation? Are they once again turning a blind eye to the blatant corruption and abuse of power that goes ALL the way to the TOP? Virginia's Senator George Allen (one of my favorite Senators) said it best today...
""We are not electing Mr. Congeniality. We do not need Mr. Milquetoast in the United Nations," Sen. George Allen (R-Va.).

"We're not electing Mr. Peepers to go there and just be really happy, and drinking tea with their pinkies up and just saying all these meaningless things when we do need a straight talker, and someone who's going to go there and shake it up," added Allen. (source)

In light of Zelda, Jethro and Paul's prolonged discussion on 'racism' under the 'Illegal Aliens' post, I decided to link THIS ARTICLE which I thought was expressed successfully and succinctly.
"So the next time you hear the race pimps selling their shtick to the “oppressed and downtrodden” of American society and blaming the “angry white male” for all that is evil and unfair, ask them a question. Ask them, after forty years of singing the same old fight song--has the melody gone astray, and have the words lost their meaning?
I think they have, and I am no racist. I am just one of millions of Americans who wonder why so many would listen to those who would tell them they are on the outside looking in." (source)

The Dems are now complaining because someone has finally exposed PBS's left-leaning bias and plans to do something about it. Now they are calling for an investigation...what a joke! The show in question was 'Now with Bill Moyers'. Kenneth Y. Tomlinson, the new board chairman wants to even out the coverage. He doesn't want to eliminate Moyers show but wants to counterbalance it with a show that features a Wall Street Journal panel (for example).
"In a statement issued Thursday, Tomlinson said, "I welcome the call by Congressmen Dingell and Obey for the inspector general to examine issues related to my efforts to encourage public broadcasters to take more seriously the need that our current affairs lineup reflect objectivity and balance.

"I look forward to working with the inspector general and with the Congress to clear up with finality distortions in press reports and elsewhere about our work to bring more diversity to public broadcasting."

Tomlinson did not specify what those distortions were, and he declined through a spokesman an interview request. Earlier this week, he told the Los Angeles Times that he would reach out to liberal advocacy groups to reassure them.

"Public broadcasting is a very fragile institution," Tomlinson told the paper. "If I cause liberals to lose support for public broadcasting, I will have done the system harm." (source)

My question is why is the government funding a TV (or radio -NPR) station to begin with? Is this the USSR or Saddam-era Iraq? If the shows on PBS are good enough they will receive private funding, someone will buy the station or other stations will pick up the shows. There are hundreds of channels and I am really at a loss to why government funding goes to TV and radio... Maybe someone could help me understand. We are well past the age of 3 channels and rabbit ears --even the poorest Americans have cable. I say no more money to PBS and NPR...

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