Sunday, May 22, 2005

Big Brother Mother...

For $11 a month you can know what your teen driver is doing when you aren't there. This is a service offered online at If someone calls in about your child you immediately receive a detailed email of the complaint (you can also access a recording of the call made).

"Report My Teen is a program designed to help monitor your teen during the crucial years while they are learning to become a responsible driver. We offer a technology that can notify you immediately when your teen is seen driving recklessly or "needing improvement" in their skills. If your teen is seen by another driver or local citizen and reported, a voice message is sent immediately to your email so that you can know the nature of the incident and then responsibly parent your child." (source)

The company is working to get insurance discounts for parents who have this service for their teens -recognizing that we would all drive better if we knew we were being monitored. Car insurance rates are 50 -100% higher with a teen driver on your policy.

I know teens must be humiliated to have this sticker on their cars (especially boys), but I guess it’s a good idea when you consider teen accident and motor vehicle fatality statistics. I have paid my own car insurance since I got my license, so if this would have made my rate cheaper when I was a teen...I would have gladly put it on the car regardless of what it said... (I think my first quote was $250/mo for liability on a 1978 VW Rabbit –gotta love Philly…)

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