Tuesday, May 24, 2005

American Soldiers - The Real Deal

Regardless of the picture the 'Arab Street' and France try to paint of our military (and some ungrateful, emasculated Americans) --this story illuminates the true nature of our military...

Mr. M had been one of the many tortured by Saddam Hussein. At one time Saddam's henchmen had driven nails through his fingertips, but last year he was helping the US Military with real-time intelligence. In January Mr. M was pulled from his truck and executed in front of his sons --soldiers have no doubt this happened because of his cooperation with the coalition (there had been previous attempts on this man's life).

When the 141st Engineer Combat Battalion returned in February, after spending a year in Iraq, Sgt. 1st Class Shayne Beckert and Capt. Grant Wilz worked tirelessly to bring this man's family to the United States -- "appealing for help on radio and television and contacting Rep. Earl Pomeroy, D-North Dakota, who helped arrange the trip." (source)

"Officials had planned to bring the family out of Iraq while the woman was pregnant with her seventh child, but the child was born six weeks early. The woman was waiting in line to get a passport for the newborn when her 2-year-old daughter was hit by bomb shrapnel and suffered severe injuries to her right eye.
This weekend, they began a new life, brought to America with help from soldiers who befriended the slain man and were tormented by the idea that their relationship contributed to his death.

Representative Pomeroy praised the soldiers for persisting when they could have forgotten the family as one of the casualties of war.

"They might have come back and not looked back," Pomeroy said.

He said the woman knew the soldiers would not forget her.

"She knew that these soldiers would get them to safety," he said. (source)

THIS is the real face of our military... and, of course, I couldn't find this anywhere on the New York Times page. What an awesome story. Not surprising, but awesome none-the-less.

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