Thursday, April 21, 2005

U.S. Birth Trends...

"More than 4 million babies are born in the United States each year, and the details of how, when, and where they arrive are constantly shifting. The big news from the latest report on birth trends put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is that women and men are waiting longer to start families, and fewer people are having babies -- the U.S. birth rate slid to an all-time low in 2002, the most recent year the CDC examined. (They're compiling data from 2003 now, but the final numbers aren't out yet -- and the big trends haven't changed.)" (source)

The report also states that "teenage pregnancy rates are plummeting", which is always good news.
Here are some interesting baby statistics (in light of the fact that everyone and their mother seems to be pregnant right now...was it something about the election?!)

-Most babies are born on Tuesdays (I was born on a Monday...yes, a "fair of face" baby LOL)
-Most babies are in late summer: July, August, and September (I was July and The Man September, but both of our boys are fall/winter babies)
-Highest birth rates are out west (Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Texas, and Wyoming)
-Lowest birth rates were in Maine and Vermont (see conservatives do 'do it' more than liberals! LOL)
-Average age of first-time moms is 25 --it was 21 in the '70's (I was 27)
-Women giving birth between 40 -44 went up 51%
-A record high in unwed mothers...more than 1/3 of babies are born to unwed mothers.
-The median weight gain is 30.5lbs. (I gained 36lbs with both boys)
-99% of babies are still born in hospitals
-C-sections performed at an all time high in U.S. history (this of course if due to medical malpractice and the CYA factor) 26% of births are by C-section
-Premature births also up --though smoking while pregnant is down to 1 in 10 (but I suspect a lot of moms lie about this) (Both of my births were va not C-sections...)
-Boys still outnumber girls (and have for the past 50 years)
-Median age for first time dads is 30 (The Man was 29)

No real point to this...I just thought it was interesting. I'll spare you my feelings on the fall of Social Security and the connection to lower birth rates and a more self-centered America...for now...

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