Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Trip... a small photo journal...

As many of you know Aunt Bitchy and I (with the two evil seed in tow) headed down to the Outer Banks on March 27th. The eight hour ride is normally uneventful ((*note to parents: If you take long trips, install a DVD player in the car. It is worth every penny!*)) The only thing worth mentioning was getting stalked on Rt.1 in Delaware by a Busta Rhymes look-a-like who had really long nails (maybe the inspiration for AB's "things that annoy me" post?).

The house was great. Three floors, six bedrooms, six bathrooms, pool table, foosball table, karaoke machine, poker table, pool, hot tub, jacuzzi. It was sweet. Both AB and I got Master bedroom suites with king-size beds and there was a living room on every floor. All of these amenities and AB still spent the entire time on the Zonkboard!

Early in the week we gathered together all the kids (I have friends that moved down there, which is why we go so much) and had an Easter Egg Hunt on the beach. The kids had a great time --even though Justice was highly disappointed that one of the girls (ewww!) found the 'golden egg'... We spent the rest of the afternoon eating pizza and watching the kids tell jokes and sing songs on the Karaoke machine (and avoiding finger casualties on the Foosball table).

Tesco arrived on Tuesday night and the boys were so excited (to see him or by the fact that he came bearing his kite and Gamecube...not sure which...). AB was happy to have someone that would drink with her (No, I am not a tea-totaller, but I rarely good time is worth getting up to my two guys with a hang over!) We did some fun stuff during the week when we could pry AB from the laptop... We went on go-carts ($10 per 5 minutes! geez..), ate at a GREAT Mexican restaurant (in honor of Cig) called La Fogata, spent a lot of quality time, and we went to the Outlets where I got a Limited Edition Coach bag (they rarely get limited edition bags at the outlets) and I won't tell you how much it was, but suffice it to say that I paid almost $300 less than the original price! Yeah for me!

We finally took the boys to see Grave Digger (which we have been promising to do forever). They have a few of the monster trucks there and also a monster car. The boys were in heaven --we hate to admit it, but AB and I were pretty impressed too (you will still not find us at a Monster Truck rally, I promise!)

The REAL adventure began on the drive home when we decided to find Blackwater and surprise FREE0352 with some pictures taken there. We had to drive into major hicks-ville complete with cornfields (it actually was very X-Files-ish) and still once we got to the signs there was nothing as far as the eye could see. Free, if you only knew what we went through to get these damn pics (not to mention we are probably on FBI satellite photos now!).

All in all it was a great week -100% drama free...which is all you can really ask for. AB was a bit camera happy and will probably be mad that I didn't use all the pics she took on the drive home. Every trailer we passed (A LOT) she would say, "People LIVE there?" and snap a pic. Needless to say, I now have a video card with 7,000 mobile homes on it.
The only problem with vacation is that eventually you have to come home...

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