Saturday, April 16, 2005

In Case You Have Retained...

...your pre-election stance that the right-wing nut jobs were using an inflated fear of possible terrorism in the United States to win the election...

..the fear is real and becoming more tangible with the detention of the two would-be homicide bombing girls and now with the raid of the home of convicted felon (and US citizen), Rafat Jamal Mawlawi. The FBI was looking for proof of Mawlawi's plot to set up marriages between Moroccan men and Memphis women, but what they found was:

  • A hidden stash of loaded weapons and ammunition clips

  • $34,000 in cash

  • Two pictures of Mawlawi shouldering a rocket-propelled grenade launcher

  • A gruesome videotape of war casualties with Arabic text and voiceover

  • More than 20 passports to Morocco, Syria, Iran, and other Middle Eastern countries

  • "Four Middle Eastern men and six Memphians were indicted last week on federal charges of conspiracy and violation of immigration laws. The Memphians accused of involvement in the sham marriages and engagements include the daughter, grandson, and former daughter-in-law of the Rev. James Netters, a founding member of the Memphis City Council and interim president of Memphis Light Gas and Water in 2004."

    "This is not the first federal immigration case in Memphis with Middle Eastern connections and overtones of violence. In 2002, five Middle Eastern men who came to Memphis from New York were arrested in a scheme to get fake driver's licenses. Katherine Smith, an employee at the driver's license testing station who was also arrested, died five days later in a burning car which was apparently deliberately set on fire. The case was investigated for possible terrorist connections but none were found. The men were held several weeks but eventually released and deported."(source)

    The threat is here and still coming, we just have to decide when we are going to get serious about it...

    (This comment was posted in reference to this article on Free Republic"...It seems that the terrorists have taken a page out of the Soviet playbook. The terrorists are extremely patient in their planning. They definitely plan for the long haul. It also helps them that we are politically correct....")

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