Saturday, April 30, 2005

I told you Marvel was Better than DC...

Stan Lee rules... It always pisses me off that the man's name never appears on those "Most Influential" lists. He invented Spiderman for Christ's sake --how many smiles has he been responsible for? Sorry, just had to get that out.

It's the weekend and we could use some good here goes:

"Marvel Comics has created a special comic in support of U.S. troops deployed around the world. The book, "The New Avengers: Guest Starring the Fantastic Four," is written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Dan Jurgens and Sandu Florea and was unveiled at the Pentagon during a press conference Thursday. In talking with the Dallas News, Bendis said he approached the project as "the equivalent to a USO trip - a nice present for the troops."

"The book is part of the Defense Department's America Supports You Initiative. A two-page center spread inside the book contains a poster with the America Supports You logo surrounded by Marvel superheroes. That logo will also be included on the covers to all Marvel comics for one month according to the Dallas News."

"In a press release issued by the Defense Department, Rob Steffens, Marvel's Senior Vice President for Operations, "announced that Marvel is donating the original artwork to the Fisher House Foundation to auction off and earn money for the foundation's work in support of sick and wounded military members and their families."(source)

This is so awesome --and this definitely ends the argument once and for all about which is better --Marvel or DC Comics...
I mean come on Spidey, The Hulk, WOLVERINE, Professor X VS Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman? You know that Dark Phoenix could kick Wonder Woman's ass! And hello...The Punisher! (...and yes, I am a comic book and video game geek --got a problem with that?!)
I learned how to draw by copying Marvel drawings...which has come in handy now that I have two boys obsessed with superheroes…!
My Drawings:
Spidey and Venom
White Queen

Rock on to Stan Lee and Marvel putting their money where their mouth is and actually supporting the troops!

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